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NOTICE -- I will be taking down this website on or about November 1, 2016. I have transferred the general website building directions to my new website at:

http://www.WebGuyDavis.com -- please check it out and bookmark the new site!

IF there is any other information from this site that you would like placed on the new site please email me at: WebGuyDavis@gmail.com

Thank you for all your support.

WebGuy Davis


Purpose of This Website

Are you interested in getting a website up and running for your union, business, or as an individual, but don’t know where to begin?  I can help you get started on your path to the information superhighway.  My name is Lynn Davis. I am the Webmaster for the award winning West Genesee Teachers’ Association (WGTA) website located at http://www.wgta.net as well as a number of other informational and business websites.

Why Publish A Website?

There are many reasons for publishing a website, including:

  • Having a visible presence on the Internet.
  • Making people aware of your association or business.
  • Increased internal and external communications.
  • To project a public image of your organization.
  • To attract potential employees.
  • As a means of advertising your positions on selected issues.

Who Can Be Helped With This Website?

Information can be found on this website that will be useful to union leaders, business people, or individuals that want to produce their own website or for someone looking for a professional to construct a website for them. The information found on this site is useful for anyone considering a presence on the Internet.


I am no longer taking any new website clients. However, if you have any questions please E-mail me at: davis@twcny.rr.com or give me a call at 315-382-4333.

Thank you,

Mr. Lynn Davis


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